Assistant Professor

Kenya Kura

Lecture Macro-economics and an economic development argument
Research Interests
It has interest in the union of the behavior genetics from the economic science and the theory of evolution as the especially that reduction principle like one with the foundation like viewpoint.
How to teach
 The class of the university tended to become 押しつけ target of the interest of each teacher scratched even with this which is bored, a thing. I will be so, too. When it is for this reflection, it is not the commentary of the mere abstract theory, but it wants to try to take the place which is as interesting as possible to the students by giving it a more familiar concrete instance. Of course, I want to pile up a persistent effort to this together from now on because it is a "doing is more difficult than saying." thing.
Hobby & principle
Though it seems that it can't be specially called a taste, it has personal interest in a computer and a car, the development of the technological product of cellular phone telephone others. Though a principle is taken, too, and not made, the word of "the free will" of the individual who is the behavior principle of the economics and "the self-responsibility" is the moral general idea that I believe and use extensively.
Messages to all the students
When I was in the university, it hardly went to the university. It spent ブラブラ and its college days without happening until the morning and watching television and reading a favorite book freely and going to school. Many difficulties were decided to be experienced after that with the thanks in both of the research life and the private life. Though it isn't specified concretely here, a difficulty is going on at present, too. This is "self-responsibility", too, and it is the thing of the nature which can't shift responsibility onto the stranger.
That is "that" in the university even if there is no teacher devoted even if you do nothing even unlike the high school and some failure in your life is decided to be done as that result. I want this taken to heart well.